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Behind & Beyond the ChairAre you ready to take your career behind the chair to the next level or even six-figures? Join Jessica as she shares the secret tips that allowed her to take her business to the next level and end her hairstylist career as a true success.

Shift the necessary pieces of the puzzle to get to your desired state. Jessica believes that in order to excel in your career and live a life of true abundance, passion, and joy, you must be aware of your current state emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

How will you get where you want to be without knowing exactly where you are?

Join the Mission to Live Your Best YOU!

In this video series, Jessica walks you through each area of the CORE 4 foundations of life and business and applies it directly to your career behind and beyond the chair! Gain insight to advance your career to the next level.

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Do you feel…

  • Like you have a successful business, but something is missing?
  • Overwhelmed by all the facets of running your own business?
  • Drained from working on overdrive to hit your revenue goal?
  • Like you don’t have a healthy “work-life balance”?
  • Exhausted from giving every last bit of your energy to your clients?
  • Your body is run-down from standing on your feet for hours on end?
  • You have goals but you just miss them time and time again?
  • Like you’ve lost your drive, and everyone besides you has it all figured out?
  • Like you’re ready to take your business to the next level yet struggle with determining your next best steps?

Then this is for you, my friend!

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Hear What Jessica's Clients are Saying

What's Included

This four-part, FREE video training series teaches you how to be personally grounded in the CORE 4 and how it will affect your business.
Jessica will share exactly what you need to do to excel in each area!

PART ONE: How to Become Emotionally Grounded

Unpack beliefs that don’t align with where you desire to be so you can live emotionally grounded.

PART TWO: How to Become Physically Enhanced

Decide and create the actions it takes to own your own health and become physically enhanced.

PART THREE: How to Become Spiritually Enriched

Discover your strengths so that you can embrace who you truly are.

PART FOUR: How to Become Financially Free

Break through any money blocks and become financially free to live in abundance versus uncertainty and scarcity.


Receive Jessica’s FREE guide, Behind & Beyond the Chair: Five Secrets to Making a Positive Shift Personally and Professionally.

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Meet Jessica

Jessica Stapf is a dedicated coach who is committed to helping others live their best life. As a John Maxwell Certified Coach with many years of advanced training and certifications from top coaches, like David Bayer, she leads, supports, and inspires others through their journey. Jessica will enrich your CORE 4 aspects of life and business – emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially – while walking alongside you in a program tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes.

“Coaching is what I do, helping heart-centered women discover their true light within so that they can live a vibrant and joy-filled life is who I am.”


Hear What Jessica's Clients Are Saying

Annica Myslinski, Avant Hair and Skincare Studio

“I was blessed to have Jessica as my leader and mentor while I was working alongside her at Cole’s Salon for many years. The way she leads and loves and champions those she works with is truly a gift! I know that I would not be the hairstylist I am today—I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without her help and belief in me. I know the time I spent under her leadership and care has shaped my life and career immensely. Jessica believed in me and valued me when I was questioning everything. She saw who I was created to be and empowered that and drew that out of me. She challenged me to create goals for my business and my life at home and in my faith in Christ. As a whole package; she helped me to organize the passions in my heart and let them come out in who I am. This gave me the courage to be fully me behind the chair! And helped me grow my business in a healthy and consistent way, even to this day.

The mentoring and empowerment she poured into me has directly shaped the leader and mentor that I am now. Something I love is that she doesn’t want to keep all her wisdom and knowledge and things that she has learned to herself, which is why she is an excellent teacher and leader drawing out what’s already inside of those she mentors. Even years down the road after I moved away and work in a new state and new job, Jessica has been very intentional to reach out and check in on me and offer her support and encouragement.”

~ Annica Myslinski, Avant Hair and Skincare Studio

Annie Ellis, Sloane's Beauty Bar

“Jessica is a natural-born leader. She is someone that truly wants the best for everyone. I had the pleasure of working alongside her in the salon for 16 years. She taught me many things behind the chair, but mostly how to be in the business of people. How to connect. How to keep my clients coming back and to be authentic. With all of this, success will follow.

She is also a great retail coach. She coached me on how to get to the top with product sales. She opened my eyes to the needs of my clients. Educating them on what they need to have their hair look as great at home as it does in the salon. Never presuming how much someone has in their pocketbook but giving each client the same level of service and experience.

Jessica is one of the most motivated people I know. She hands down puts her mind to something and gets it done more than ANYONE I know. She wants to pass on the same excitement, motivation, and drive to everyone she coaches.”

~ Annie Ellis, Stylist at Sloane’s Beauty Bar

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Behind & Beyond the Chair: Video Series with Jessica Stapf

Behind & Beyond the Chair: Video Series

Take your career behind and beyond the chair to six figures. Jump into this FREE video series and learn Jessica’s secrets to creating success behind and beyond the chair! You will also receive her free Behind the Chair: Five Secrets to Making a Massive Shift Personally and Professionally PDF download!

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